Yakinthi Stratopoulou is a greek multimedia artist working with a wide variety of materials, experimenting with multiple techniques and colors in an attempt to express the poetic¬†aspect of creation. Emotions are the main characters of this artistic storyline and the way there’re driving her hands to an imaginary journey of drawings, colors, brushes, photos, videos and words many many words. Her art is focused on people, the feelings she gets from the interaction with them, the connection and loss, trying to turn these experiences into abstract shapes, forms, colors or words along with her own artistic and spiritual process of creation. Figures blended in a dreamlike environment, blue represented as the color of the soul and many faces and bodies hidden in the canvas as different parts of our being are composing deep feelings as images and poems. This is a way for her to communicate the absolute and immediate need of our times, the need to love, feel and connect as spiritual beings expressing our authentic self.